Monday, September 19, 2011

Ride the bull until it's time to fight!

Life can be either a bull fight or a bull ride depending on who you are. I think most people think of it as a bull fight. They look it in the face and try to earnestly duck and dodge to not get hurt. They toy with it and tease it; chasing the all time adrenaline rush, dodging danger just in the nick of time. Daily life should be a ride not a fight. Fighting it is nerve racking to most and.... a completely out of control method.

Since "My name is Natasha and I am a control freak" I like to ride the bull. I must say I am bias and believe this is the best way to go through life. Riding it. Enjoying the journey - not fighting your every move. However, It also gives the control freak in me a sense of satisfaction. The bull has a mind of its own. Like life, it will take you somewhere whether you control it or not. Though, I must say I like thinking the spurs of my boots and my grip on the rope around life's neck gives me a sense of control. Its exilerating! The possibilities excite you. The opportunities are endless. You can feel the wind beneath your dreams and the passion on fire inside you, until it gives you a real good buck and you are flat on your butt facing life head on. This is when you are supposed to fight. At that very moment its the best of both worlds. Riding the bull to fighting the bull in an instance. This is where you fight your way to the next level of growth. You are staring the bull square in the face. It is intent on trampling you. You can almost feel the hot mist from its notrils. Life cannot get the best of you. You cannot afford to be afraid.

Only then do you fight the good fight. And enjoy EVERY minute of it - WITHOUT FEAR. Fear will hold you back. It is the killer of possibilities. It strangles opportunities. It will paralyze the very move that will take you to the freedom you DESERVE. Fear will suffocate you and suck the air out of your dreams. Fear will keep you living a mediocre life. Fear will douse water on your passions; putting out any flame that will bring you happiness. Do not turn your back on fear to ignore it, because it will trample your desires and ultimately kill your soul. No matter how scary life looks or how beat down you are, there is still more fight in you. Fight for your life. Look life square in the eye. Put the spurs on your boots and grab your rope. It's time to take a ride.

Ride the bull until it is time to fight!